President of ministry speaks about pregnancies conceived in rape

Juda Myers president of Choices4Life, who works with women pregnant from rape, wrote this letter:

“Many would say abortion is necessary in cases of rape because that child will add to the trauma of the female. But that just isn’t the truth. Having spoken to almost 300 women with rape conception experiences I have found that abortion additionally traumatizes them, while giving birth begins the healing process.

I first heard that babies healed mothers pregnant after rape, from my own mother who was raped by eight men. She was forced to place me for adoption because the family and doctors pressured her to abort, completely unable to understand how a woman could want a child like me. She prayed for our reunion for 48 years and when I found her she was holding a picture of me at three months. She said my face did not remind her of her rapist’s, but reminded her that God had intervened after her attack to give her a precious baby that only He could give. She was even able to forgive her attackers.

One woman told me, “A man stole my body and society is trying to steal my baby.” Too many times people give the baby to the rapist calling them the “rapist’s baby” or “demon seeds” but another mother said speaking of her own rape conceived baby, “She was never his. She was always mine!” Society is traumatizing mothers of rape conception babies beyond the rape.

It is such an assault on humanity when society verbally, emotionally and physically attacks females who want to keep their babies conceived in rape. The pressure is many times unbearable. One 14-year-old had to be homeschooled because of the torment from her classmates. These classmates spray-painted the girls home with obscenities even though her assailant was in prison… The abuse was relentless by family, friends, law-enforcement and even healthcare workers.… It’s not the baby that is causing the trauma but those who wish to end the life of the rape conceived baby. Females are called liars because “no one wants a rapist’s baby.” The “choice” crowd doesn’t offer any choice but abortion.

A former police officer told me that she knew the crime of murder was worse than rape. She aborted her baby after rape being pressured by coworkers. “I’m worse than the rapists. They let me live but I turned on my own innocent baby… I killed my baby.” She was inconsolable. Of 14 women I’ve spoken with who aborted after rape, 12 were suicidal, three attempted and failed and the two others justify their abortions two months earlier with “it’s not a baby.” Anniversaries of the abortion will tell a different story. There are so many stories that prove giving life is better than taking it…

The mother of a 10-year-old contacted CHOICES4LIFE when her daughter was about four months pregnant. This 10-year-old is a great example of the strength of these young moms. With no complications at 11 years old she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. While she too had to be removed from school because of bullying, she returned to school and is now making straight A’s and excelling in sports. Her mother is raising the baby while the 11-year-old is happy with no regrets for choosing life. We are cheating females from having better solutions than abortion especially in cases of rape.…

The entire world sees rape conception as a curse. Some cultures kill the females for being raped and pregnant. There has never been logical thinking concerning rape conception even in the most advanced societies. Of 100 children of rape conception 98% were excelling in their contribution to society. Doctor, lawyer, humanitarian, chemist, Marines, Navy, firefighter, 10 pastors, teachers, worship leaders, professors, international speakers, and founders of nonprofits completely disproving the myth that children become the men who raped their mothers.”

Brenda Pratt-Shafer, David Shafer What the Nurse Saw: Eyewitness to Abortion (Mustang, Oklahoma: Tate Publishing & Enterprise, LLC, 2016) 120 – 122

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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