Preborn baby can sense how mother feels

From an article in the Milwaukee –Wisconsin Journal Sentinel:

“Science has learned that a developing fetus receives messages from the mother, everything from hearing mom’s heartbeat to the music she might direct toward her belly. But a new study in the journal Psychological Science suggests that the fetus can pick up on signals and respond to a mother experiencing depression….

“We believe the human fetus is an active participant in its own development and is collecting information for life after birth,” said Curt A. Sandman, one of the authors and an emeritus professor of psychiatry and human behavior at UC-Irvine. “It’s preparing for life based on messages the mom is providing.”

 Mark Johnson “Fetus can sense how Mom’s doing psychologicallyMilwaukee – Wisconsin Journal Sentinel November 11, 2011

sonogram of baby at 22 weeks
sonogram of baby at 22 weeks
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