Prayer for women after their abortions justifies abortion

Rosemary Radford Ruether from Woman-Church provides a new prayer for a woman who has had an abortion:

The article in First Things says:

“Woman-Church, provides the “new words, new prayers, new symbols” that will free women from patriarchy and allow them “to live the new humanity now.” Her community prayer for the rite of healing from an abortion.”

This is the prayer:

“O great Mother and Father, power of all life and new life, we are sorrowful this day . . . we are also angry. . . . We are surrounded by a world in which vast numbers of people go to bed hungry and where many children come into the world unwanted and without the most minimal opportunities for love and development. We don’t want to create life that way. We want to create life that is chosen, wanted, and can be sustained and nourished. Our sister has made her hard choice. . . . We affirm and uphold her in her ongoing life, as she gathers her life together and centers her energies on how she is going to continue to sustain her own life and the lives around her which it nourishes.”

Camille S. Williams “Abortion and the Actualized Self” First Things November 1991

10 week unborn child

10 week unborn child

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