Post-abortion woman: my life was hell

From one woman who was pressured into an abortion:

“My mother was furious… She hated me for what I had done. She took me immediately to have an abortion. “Wait a minute… I don’t want an abortion.” I thought to myself. She said I had to do it. She took me and promised not to tell my father. I could not stand for him to know… I was so embarrassed and ashamed. I could not stand to look at myself in the mirror… From that day on, I hated my mother. I turned to drugs, boys, sex, lies, and alcohol. I dropped out of school… Became a stripper and a prostitute on drugs. Had a total of four more abortions… Two of which I was forced to do and the last two of which I chose to do on my own because I had no feeling in me left… I was so far gone. My life was hell.”

Sharon Serratore “Coerced into Unwanted Abortions”  The American Feminist Fall/Winter 2016

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Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.
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