Planned Parenthood worker wants her daughter to have abortions without telling her

9 wks and 13 weeks
7 wks and 9 weeks

Juanita Cuevas. who works as a medical assistant at Planned Parenthood’s South Sacramento clinic, wants her 14 year-old daughter to be able to have an abortion without her knowledge or permission.

The article says:

A Sacramento girl whose mother works at a Planned Parenthood clinic, has never had to seek out an abortion clinic. But if she were to get pregnant, she said, she’d want a safe place to turn for counseling and, perhaps, surgery—beyond the reach of her mother’s radar…..

The daughter, Priscilla Chavez, says:

“I don’t know,” she said. “Even though she’s a Planned Parenthood lady, I don’t think I would, because I would be afraid of her thinking badly of me.”….

Her mother is fine with this:

Cuevas said she is comfortable with that and wants only to ensure that her daughter and other girls continue to have a safe place to turn.

9 weeks
9 weeks

“This is a woman’s right,” she said. “And I understand that a 14-year-old isn’t yet a woman, but it’s her right.”

Jeffrey M. Barker “The parent trap” News Review 6/9/2005

This interview seems scripted. What mother would really be ok with her daughter making such a huge decision alone?

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