Planned Parenthood opposes law that catches child rapists

The Topeka Capital-Journal writes of a new law requiring abortion clinics to keep the DNA of child rape victim’s abortions in order to have evidence to convict sexual predators. Planned Parenthood opposes the law, even though it has already provided leads on three rapists.

“An enhanced effort to prosecute child rapists has netted three leads during the past month for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

But Kansas’ abortion industry — responsible for providing the help — continues its critique of the initiative.

An official from the office of Attorney General Phill Kline told state lawmakers Tuesday that abortion doctors have sent tissue samples from three aborted fetuses to the KBI since July 11. That is when a law went into effect requiring the collection of those samples from girls younger than 14 who seek abortions.

Peter Brownlie, chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri says:

“I think it’s an unfortunate law,”

Chris Moon “Abortion providers aiding KBI” Topeka Capital-Journal August 24, 2005

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