Planned Parenthood Neglect Injures Woman

“On August 30, 1990 Diana went to a Planned Parenthood facility for pre-abortion counseling and a gonorrhea culture. The abortionist proceeded with the abortion prior to obtaining the results of the culture. On September 2 and 3rd, Diana called Planned Parenthood complained of cramps and fever, but was unable to reach anyone. On September 4 they returned her call, and told her that since her temperature was only 99.5, she should keep taking her Tylenol. Diana’s symptoms worsened, and on September 11 she was admitted to a local hospital with “bilateral tubo-ovarian abscesses.” She underwent laparoscopicy, pelvic laparotomy, removal of lesions, drainage of abscesses, and a D&C. The results of the gonorrhea culture were reported to Planned Parenthood staff on September 4, but they did not attempt to advise Diana of this until September 11, after she was already hospitalized.”

This woman was lucky to have survived. Here are some stories from women who are not as lucky.

Philadelphia County “PA” Court of Common Pleas case number 92 – 04 – 683

Mark Crutcher “Lime 5: Exploited by Choice ” (Denton, Texas: Life Dynamics Incorporated, 1996)

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