Patient: “The [Abortion] doctor’s name includes SATAN, just what he is”

Cesare Santangelo of the Washington Surgi-Clinic has been exposed as having no problem with allowing unborn babies to die following failed abortions.

According to his patients:

Not so good points: I think he is rough (my exam was very painful) and his D.C. office/waiting room was extremely cramped and messy.


“Waiting room is tiny and you have to wait all day to be seen (most of the day the dr is not even there). We wanted our child but had to terminate for medical reasons. The doctor nor his staff cared in the slightest and were very rude and inconsiderate. We received no counseling or instructions. When we tried to leave they refused to help because the medicine they already gave would cause a miscarriage. They had no where near enough staff to handle an emergency and no one runs the front desk or is around to ask questions.”


I think about the day that I had an abortion in December 1999. I also received no counseling whatsoever from Dr. Santangelo. It was like a “cattle call” abortion clinic. You waited a couple of hours with other women, and then you and the other women were taken back to a big room. You took a sedative and then you were called back to the individual rooms where it took like 5-10 minutes. I didn’t see the doctor until literally the very last moments before the abortion. No counseling at all and rushed the procedure. Paid around $250 all in. Disgusting. Lowest day of my life and I agree that the guy is a low life.


This doctor practices in the facilitation of child birthing but he is also a abortion doctor….up to 24 weeks at 2112 F Street NW, 4th floor. The staff was rude and manipulative and I did not receive counseling prior to being administered dilation medication. I asked for the medicine to be taken out but was told it would cause miscarriage or infection. The doctor’s name includes SATAN, just what he looks like and is

On their website: “supportive, compassionate, expert care provided by highly trained professionals”

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