Pastor: Reproductive Right are Sacred

Rev. Debra McKnight, associate pastor of First United Methodist Church in Omaha:

“God is a life-giving presence, which means we can and should care for each other with compassion. Faith isn’t just an hour on Sunday morning, but in your everyday life. So, we hope people are thinking about what is life-giving …

I believe that being absolutely pro-birth isn’t always the most life-giving choice. The church needs to be there to support people, not moralize about those choices…we acknowledge that an absolute ban [on abortion] is not necessarily the most life-affirming stance…because it doesn’t take into account the circumstances of the woman and her family.

People of faith can take courage from the prophets of ancient stories and speak up. They can let the world and our leaders know that reproductive rights are sacred and women’s health means healthy families, workplaces and communities.”

A Matter of FaithThe Source Planned Parenthood Fall 2013

Below: baby at 10 weeks. Before and after abortion. Is this choice “sacred?”


10 weeks

10 weeks

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