Partial-Birth Abortionists Withhold Information

A D & X or “Partial Birth Abortion” is a procedure in which a living unborn baby in the second or third trimester is delivered almost entirely from the woman’s body. The abortionist holds the head inside the mother and then punctures the baby’s skull with a syringe or pair of surgical scissors (depending on the age of the fetus) then drains of suctions out the brain contents. One abortionist who performs this procedure, was asked if she told her patients the details of what she was going to do to them and their baby. She replied:

“I do not usually tell patients specific details of the operative approach.”

Carolyn Westhoff, abortion doctor, quoted from the transcripts of National Abortion Federation vs. Ashcroft: US District Court, Southern District of NY, Honorable Richard Conway Casey Judge. See Court Transcripts:New York

In the same court case, abortionist Casey Hammod was asked whether he told patients the exact nature of the procedures he performs on them. He said yes, but then went on to say:

“Keep in mind a lot of my patients are emotionally quite fragile so we don’t have to bring up the terms – we don’t have to go into every gory detail about what we are doing…

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