Parents of Handicapped Children Tell Why They Didn’t Abort, and Express their Joy For Their Handicapped Children

A woman called Dr. Laura’s show and told the story of her abortion. She had aborted her baby after tests showed the child had Down’s Syndrome. Shortly afterwards, two people wrote in to respond to her comments. Here are their letters.

“Dr. Laura,

Today, the 28th of March I was listening to talk to one of your callers. She recently had terminated the life of her child in her 20th week of pregnancy and I believe the child’s 20th week of life.

The child’s life was ended when it was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. This really struck a nerve and infuriated me, as I and my wife have the honor of being parents to our 22 month son, Conner, with Down Syndrome that along with our other 2 children (a daughter 8 and a son 5) the joy and light of our life. This person that ended the child’s life has no idea of the joy or divine love that these special people possess. It is hard for me to understand the callousness that she had about thinking that the child was a mistake of nature and it was okay to terminate its life. I would almost dare say that it is our limited understanding of these special people that is the problem.

I have often looked into Conner’s eyes and have felt a true divine, Godlike love shining forth. I will be honest and say that our life has not been changed by Conner. Unlike our other two children that walked before they were one and talked by two and developed in what we understand as “normal”. Conner has yet to walk on his own, but he does possess the ability to brighten the darkest days we have faced.

I would hate to think of life without Conner, he is the light in our families lives. Our other children think the world of him and I feel are gaining a greater understanding and acceptance of “ALL” people, unlike the caller today. She has missed a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow.

Also, Dr. Laura, from what we are told that the DS tests, that are performed when the children are still in the womb, are not that reliable. We know of several people who had those tests and they came back positive and had they chooses to end that life, they would have been out one of their children.

Thanks for letting me vent and now I feel better, keep up the good work. And yes, my wonderful wife is our kids MOM and I am my kids DAD!!!!

Zan N.”

The second letter:

“Dear Dr. Laura,

….I had to respond to a call I heard today that was from a woman who justified killing her 20 week old fetus because they found out that the baby had down syndrome. She felt it was more humane to kill her child than to allow the child to experience life with Down Syndrome.

I am sad she feels that way. I have a 10 year old daughter who has a severe seizure disorder that causes her to have between 8-10 terrible seizures every month. She also has gross and fine motor delays, mild mental retardation, speech delays and low muscle tone throughout her body.

I admit it is a lot of work to take care of and raise my daughter, but when I look at her do I see a sad, depressed child who wished she were never born? No way! I see a beautiful, brave, happy, strong, wonderful child who brings happiness to every life she touches. I see a courageous child who wants to learn as much as she can and sees the world in such a wonderful and peaceful light. She is not concerned with the problems of the world, the worries of the day, the way her hair looks or the way she’s dressed. She isn’t counting her friends or what she has or doesn’t have. She is busy making the people around her laugh. Looking forward to seeing her grandpa and spending their special time together on Friday. Feeling proud that she is learning to stand on 1 foot and the progress she is making! So much innocence in the way she sees the world. I wish I could be more like her.

I gave her the right to life, but she has given so much more to me! She has taught me how to be strong, how to laugh, how to stand up for her rights! How to teach other children acceptance! How to celebrate the smallest of successes! How to reach out to others who learn and grow differently than myself. She has given me more than I can write in just one letter.

How sad for that lady that she will never have what I have. The chance to hug and love one of God’s most precious children! The chance to mold and guide one of God’s special angels. I am fortunate to have ALL my children in my life. But I feel especially blessed and honored that God entrusted ME with one of his most delicate and precious creations! In return, I promise to do my best to give her the best and happiest life that I possibly can, as long as I am lucky to have her in my life! Keep up the great work!

Susan C.

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4 Responses to Parents of Handicapped Children Tell Why They Didn’t Abort, and Express their Joy For Their Handicapped Children

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  2. TheOP says:

    If someone honestly would WANT to keep a disabled child or even see the disability as a gift they must obviously suffer from some sort of mental disability themselves.

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