OB/GYN lies about doing abortions

Retired OB/GYN Marciana Wilkerson who performed abortions and had a private practice knew that if the public knew she was an abortion provider, she would lose patients, so she used deceit.

“What we did to protect me in private practice was, if someone called and asked for an abortion on the phone and she wasn’t one of our patients, the staff politely told her that I didn’t perform that service.… But if they knew who she was, they bring her in and I’d speak to her face-to-face. There was a big need for it; women would usually come and say “can you refer me to someone?” And they were thrilled when they found out I could offer the service and not send them out.”

Sarah Erdreich Generation Roe: inside the Future of the Pro-Choice Movement (New York: Seven Stories Press, 2013) 53

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