Nurse calls baby a “blob of tissue” before teen’s abortion

One woman tells the story of her abortion:

“I was 17, engaged, three months pregnant, and embarrassed. I made the unnecessary and regrettable decision to have an abortion. Although abortion was illegal, I was in the office of one of the best physicians in town. No butcher. No back alley.

Just before the procedure began I asked the nurse: “There’s nothing there, right?” “No, just a blob of tissue,” she replied. Within a few minutes I felt like my insides were burning. At home hours later, the pain and bleeding grew worse. The woman who had arranged the abortion said, “You know, it was a little boy.”

12 weeks

3 months

I was overwhelmed with shock, confusion, and anger. “What do you mean, it was a little boy? She said it was just a blob of tissue! The guilt made me feel like I deserved the pain.”

Jan LaRue “There Should Be Three” Family Research Council March 1995, 8

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