Norma McCorvey, future pro-lifer, attempted suicide after Roe V Wade

Norma McCorvey was the plaintiff in Roe vs. Wade, the woman whose case two ambitious attorneys used to strike down all abortion laws. McCorvey would later become pro-life and campaign to end abortion until her death. When McCorvey found out that the case had been decided at all abortion laws were invalidated, leading to unrestricted abortion in all 50 states, she felt so guilty that she attempted suicide. Afterwards, she would fight her feelings of guilt and go to work in an abortion clinic. An article in Focus on the Family says:

When she found out that the case had gone all the way to the Supreme Court and resulted in legalizing abortion in all 50 states, she was stunned. “I sat in the dining room that night and just kept rereading the newspaper story and drinking – drinking and thinking,” she says. “It made me sad to know that my name, even though it was a pseudonym, would always be connected to the death of children.” McCorvey got a straight razor and started cutting her wrists a little at a time. “That didn’t work, so I went out and got as many pills as I could. I took all of them and chased it with a quart of Johnny Walker, thinking I would die, and I would never have to talk to Sarah Weddington or Linda Coffee again. But that was not God’s plan for me. 

Tom Nevin “Roe V Wade: 30 Years of Lies” Focus on the Family, January 1, 2003

Read more about Norma McCorvey here.

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