No one grows up wanting to work in an abortion clinic

From former abortion clinic director Abby Johnson:

“Something that has always struck me when I go out to clinics, and I watch the women who come out who’ve had an abortion.  I’ll see the sidewalk counselors reach out to them, and I see the compassion on their faces and I hear the compassion in their words, and it’s fantastic.  It’s so wonderful to see that.  They extend such love to those hurting women.

But then I see clinic workers come out, and that compassion just evaporates.  And it’s wrong.  70% of clinic workers have had abortions themselves.  They are in need of healing just as much, if not more, than the women who come to that clinic.  No one grows up wanting to work in an abortion clinic.  It’s a series of heartbreaking, regretful, painful choices that lead them there.  We don’t see it because they show their hurt with anger — they yell at us and curse at us because they are hurt.  Yet our compassion is somehow diminished toward them.

I want people to know this community of clinic workers have not been embraced by the pro-life community, yet they could literally be the demise of the abortion industry!  There are 4 major pending lawsuits against PP, for billions of dollars, all brought by former PP employees.  If these suits are successful, God-willing, these large affiliates could shut down.  This could be a domino effect.  This could be the beginning of the end!

These workers coming forward with information we would not have any other way.  The beauty of this is these are real people with real stories of real clients and real things happening that can be brought to court and prosecuted.  These clinics really can be shut down because of it.  This is what the pro-life movement has been missing for 40 years.”

Abby Johnson runs a ministry for former clinic workers called And Then There Were None. 

Jennifer Hartline “And Then There Were None: Abby Johnson Helps Abortion Workers Leave the Industry” Catholic Online 9/7/2012

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