New York Times: some couples choose the sex of their babies

In a New York Times article, doctors who do fertility treatments say some couples want to create a baby of a certain sex. The article says:

“There is evidence that some Americans want to choose their babies’ sex. At the Fertility Institutes, a set of clinics in Los Angeles, New York and Guadalajara, Mexico, 85 percent of roughly 500 couples each year seek sex selection, although three-quarters of them come from overseas, said Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, the medical director.”

The article also quotes Dr. Steinberg, whose clinics determine sex through pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, an embryo screening:

“It’s jumped over the past four years. If a woman calls to make the appointment, the couple almost always wants a female. If a man calls, they almost always want a male.”

Pam Belluck “If You Really, Really Wanted a Girl …” The New York Times August 20, 2011

These parents choose to implant embryos of the preferred gender and dispose of the ones of the “wrong” gender.

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