Neonatologist Robin Pierucci on fetal pain

Neonatologist Robin Pierucci talks about fetal pain:

“In the neonatal intensive care unit, I see premature babies at the edge of viability (23-24 weeks’ gestation) react to painful or uncomfortable procedures every day. For example, when you poke them for blood work, the babies wrinkle up their faces, kick their feet, clench their hands into tiny fists, curl their toes, arch their backs and try to wriggle away, or smack at the offending person. Just ask the nurses.

Measurable physiologic responses to noxious stimuli can include elevated heart and respiratory rates. …. Whether they are term or extremely immature, even though they can’t use words, babies in every neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) clearly do not react well to what the adults know are painful procedures….

Because of years at the bedside it makes sense to me that a later-stage fetus would experience the same reactions as prematurely born infants—who would receive anesthesia to prevent pain during and after their surgeries….

Because of how early in gestation I get to meet these tiny people, it is unthinkable to condone someone else literally tearing apart the same person I would attempt to save.”

Dr. Robin Pierucci “Neonatologist: Babies Do Feel Pain In The Womb. I’ve Seen It” The Federalist JANUARY 29, 2018

24 weeks
24 weeks

In many states, abortion is legal at this age.

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