Mother Sues Hospital after Baby Born Alive Is Denied Care

This incident comes from England.Office manager Julie Robb, 38, was admitted to Queen’s Park Hospital for a “therapeutic termination” after a scan revealed that her 23-week-old foetus could have serious abnormalities, (cerebral palsy, water on the brain, or downs’ syndrome)… A team of medics induced Mrs Robb who gave birth to Elizabeth, weighing 696 grams (1 lb 8oz), at 2.25am on December 7 of 1994.

A lawsuit was filed because the baby was born alive and no effort was made to give her medical care.

According to the testimony of medical experts, the baby “gasped” after it was born and showed signs of life. She also had hearbeat. The team (2 midwives and 2 specialists) decided not to revive the baby. The death certificate showed that the baby was alive for 90 minutes, Medical personnel testified it was less than 35 minutes.

Verdict was in favor of hospital.

“My ‘beautiful’ abortion baby” Lancashire Evening Telegraph Nov 1, 1995

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