Minister: Life Begins with Breathing

“Moreover, the Vatican idea that human life begins with conception is an attempt to override the biblical idea that human life begins with breathing. The Hebrew word that describes a human being is naphesh– the breathing one. It occurs 775 times in the Hebrew Bible. It is obvious that in Hebrew thought a fetus is not a living human being because it does not breathe on its own.

Pro-life groups mistakenly apply one of the 10 Commandments – “you shall not kill” – to a fetus… It is desperation that makes “pro-lifers” apply the commandment to an embryo or fetus because there is no explicit reference in the entire Bible that is antiabortion or pro-life with respect to a fetus.”

John M Swomley, ordained United Methodist minister

John M Swomley Compulsory Pregnancy: the War against American Women (Amherst, New York: Humanist Press, 1999) 85 – 86


According to Swomley, this peborn baby is not alive because although he has been breathing amniotic fluid since the 11th week, he is not breathing air.


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