Member of Nazi SS became abortionist in Cleveland

Kevin Sherlock writes about a member of the Nazi SS, Dr. Vilis Kruze, who later became an abortionist:

“Kruze was a member of the Nazi SS during World War II. He emigrated to Ohio after the war. He was convicted in connection with botching an abortion performed on a 19-year-old Cleveland go-go dancer. The teen hemorrhaged and passed the baby away from his office, then she committed suicide a few days later. Ohio authorities sent Kruze to prison, and then made him receive psychiatric treatment at a hospital for the criminally insane. Later, Ohio authorities made Kruze receive treatment in a mental hospital for reportedly locking his secretaries in closets and for forcing them to urinate in bottles at their desks.…

Later, Kruze moved to Hawaii, got a contract as a fill-in doctor for Kaiser, and reportedly treated a child so negligently that the child suffered permanent brain damage. The child’s parents brought suit, and eventually, Kruze’s evil past was revealed. But by now Kruze himself was dead. The brother of a teenage girl who overdosed on drugs Kruze gave her in exchange for giving him sex tracked Kruze down and stabbed the Nazi abortionist to death to punish him for exploiting and nearly killing his sister…

Kruze’s conviction for criminal abortion was overturned after the Roe V Wade decision made abortion legal throughout America in 1973.”

Source: Transcript of a 60 Minutes broadcast on November 4, 1990 Quoted in: Kevin Sherlock The Scarlet Survey (Akron, Ohio: Brennyman Books, 1997 pgs 5 – 6

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