Medically induced abortion in the second trimester: Video

This video shows Dr. Byron Calhoun, a board certified obgyn, examining the bodies of two babies aborted by a medically induced labor with prostaglandin in the second trimester.

If the babies are bruised all over their bodies by contractions, try to imagine how painful those contractions must be for the mother. Normal labor is extremely painful and the contractions are far less severe.  This is an excruciatingly painful method of abortion for both the mother and baby which can take hours to accomplish.

You can see the grimace of pain on the face of the second, 18-20 week old baby.

There is one other way abortions are done in the second trimester, the D&E.

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

6 thoughts on “Medically induced abortion in the second trimester: Video”

  1. I was in the foster care system when I was a young teen back in the late 60’s/early 70’s. While in a place called MacLaren Hall Annex in L.A., CA. I was forced to have an induced labor saline abortion. I wanted to keep my baby and the parents of the father of my child were willing to take the child as well. But they said I didn’t have a choice because I was a ward of the court. I was taken by force to General Hospital in L.A., injected, and then handcuffed to the bed while waiting for the baby to abort. It was extremely tramatic and to this day I haven’t gotten over it. I suffered other abuses while in the system but this was by far the worst. I guess children in the system in those days didn’t have civil rights…

  2. My son and my third child died in the womb from a hyper coiled umbilical cord at 17 weeks. It was devastating. I waited a week for my body to go into labor to deliver him. However, it did not happen. I was induced much like this video speaks of. It was very painful. Just as painful if not more so than normal delivery. It’s labor. My son looked like a tiny human being. I was very undecided on the issue of abortion before this. However, after seeing him at 17 weeks gestation, How anyone could have an abortion and not think abortion it is not killing a human being I can not understand. I did not want a D & C because I did not want my son’s body ripped into pieces. We were able to hold him and take pictures. The hospital even had tiny clothes we were able to dress him in and bury him in. I would gladly adopt any child that someone choose not to abort. Even if the child had special needs.

  3. I have seen that same fetus used as an example of a saline abortion. Propaganda. Don’t know which side to believe.

    1. Jessica ~ infants born from saline are unevenly discolored due to the burning from the salt…this poor sweetie is discolored due to bruising from his terrible forced labor that evacuated him and ended his life….I am so thankful I chose life when I was pregnant with my daughter at 17.5 years..she is 33 and and mother to the only 2 grandkids we will ever have.She is smart,loving and terrific person.I am very Pro Adoption and have several thankful adopted friends! Lets face it 90% of abortions are done for selfish reasons and not due to the risk to ladies! I wish Ladies would just choose Open Adoption and get the help they need.I also have a few friends that would DIE for the Gift of a child and are on Waiting lists for Newborn infants and would happily help a trouble mom in order to avoid the murder of her infant with the Privilege to adopt and Love her child forever and beyond!
      I am more than mortified with Late term murder of this children! In Canada thank Goodness this is NOT Legal or done on any kind of routine basis!
      PS~ My OBGN hated pregnant teens and pushed for me to abort my daughter until it was to late and past the right to do so.I am thankful I saw his for the ASS he is!!!

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