Marriage Counselor Talks About Couples and Abortion

Dr. Forrest C Stevenson, certified marriage counselor of Brighton, Michigan:

“As a marriage counselor, I have too often shared with a couple in this sorrow. They love each other, but as they look at each other, I see the hurt in their eyes. I’ve heard a woman say, “Seven years ago my husband said I could not have this baby. “I’m still in school, I’m going to get my education first.” I did what he said and I had an abortion. I wonder what that baby would’ve been like. Would he have had curly hair like his daddy? Would he have been a happy baby? Would it have been a girl? Would it have been a boy? What could’ve happened?”

Too many times I’ve heard a young man say, “I demanded that my wife get an abortion, but I wish that she had not done what I said.” These people may love each other, but the hurt of the guilt that they share together has grown like a wall between them. It is so serious they can hardly build an adequate life. Their marriage is a nightmare because of shared guilt.”

John R Rice The Murder of the Helpless Unborn… Abortion (Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Sword of the Lord Publishers, 1971) page 32

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