Man writes letter about his post-abortion trauma

Graeme lost a child to abortion. He was encouraged to write a letter by his therapist to his therapist.  He explains how his relationship fell apart after she aborted his child against his will:

“I cannot say that you helped me much because there is not much anyone can do to help me and how I feel about my girlfriend’s decision to abort our baby. I don’t think there is anyone who can console me…

NOT all of us men want our babies aborted. I didn’t. I offered everything under the sun for my girlfriend to have our baby, but she didn’t. She kept saying she wasn’t sure she wanted to be a mother. Her mother wanted her to abort. Her friends thought she should abort, and I am sure even the milkman had a say in her decision, EXCEPT ME the father. I was the only one who wasn’t listened to.

Well she went through with it. She took our 13 week baby (I was sure it was a boy) and she had him killed and for this I will never forgive her. In fact I never want to see her again…


Picture  of baby at 13 weeks, just like Graeme’s child

The morning she went to the abortion I got blind drunk; I just didn’t want to be thinking while it was happening. I didn’t want to be conscious.

The worst part of the whole damn situation was the fact that I could do nothing to protect my son. He needed me and I couldn’t do anything to stop what was going to happen to him. I don’t think I want to have any children in the future because maybe I won’t be able to help them when they need me, as I wasn’t able to help John…

It didn’t have to happen because we could have managed. We could have got married and had our own family. We wouldn’t have been rich, but we could’ve had our family and slowly things would’ve got better…

I certainly have none of the feelings that I had for her before this. I had seen us together for life. Not anymore.…

She willingly took our baby to be killed. I don’t want to be involved with this kind of person and certainly wouldn’t trust her with any of my children again.”

Anne R Lastman Redeeming Grief: Abortion and Its Pain (Balwyn, Vic: Australia: Gracewing, 2013) 83-84

Graeme is just one of many post-abortion fathers who are hurt by abortion.

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