Man tells story of postabortion grief

On LifeSiteNews, a man gave his testimony of regret after his girlfriend Kelly had 2 abortions. Here is an excerpt.

“We became pregnant three months into our relationship. Kelly and I both grew up attending church and knew how our parents felt about sex outside of marriage, so that seemed to leave very few options for us. Kelly convinced herself she had to have an abortion so that we could try to hide what, honestly, our parents already knew was going on. Her friend took her to have the abortion, and we never discussed it.

Within one month, however, we found ourselves pregnant again, and we aborted the second child just as quickly to hide our shame.  This time, I took her to the clinic.  As I sat there in the waiting room, I could hear crying and saw women come out with tears running down their faces.  This scared me because I was told “this was just a small procedure and it wouldn’t hurt Kelly or the tissue at all.”  In my heart, I knew this was a baby, not tissue.

When Kelly came out, she was groggy and looked to be in a lot of pain, which made me furious about the lies we had been told. As we drove home, neither of us said a thing.  We sat in silence as I contemplated our decision.  Sadly, because of my inability to be a man, I put it all aside and we went on with our relationship.

Kelly and I eventually got married, but many years after the abortions I realized I was in pain.  My inability to protect those I was entrusted to care for created a domino effect of bad choices.  …  I self-medicated my pain with pornography and alcohol and searched for ways to find my voice …. I was a broken man with a broken wife, two children in heaven, and was trying to pick up the pieces of what my indifference had done. I watched Kelly find healing from the abortions and eventually decided I needed help, too. The healing process made me realize that I was meant to be a Daddy to those two children and that my silence never allowed me to be that for them.”

Read the whole testimony here. 

Matt Clinger The curse of Adam’s silence – a MAN’s post-abortion testimony” LifeSiteNews Jan 20, 2012

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  1. Please read, “The Greater Message,” which tells how one young lady lived with the regrets of an abortion for 15 yrs or so and then God sent her a message of forgiveness and a promise of a reunion…
    May God Bless You

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