Loss of a grandchild to abortion makes him mourn

Mark Rothberg, father of a son whose girlfriend had an abortion. He had to deal with the loss of a grandchild to abortion:

“My son was in medical school in England because he couldn’t get into a good medical school here… Then suddenly he was accepted at medical school here. And she [his daughter-in-law] decided to stay in England to finish up her masters before joining him. Rather than face the complicated mess, they decided it was not the time to have a child. And she had an abortion.

When they told us about the abortion just two weeks after they’d told us she was having a baby, it was crushing. I felt deep chagrin.… It’s a special thing, you know, a grandchild. It’s continuity. And if you have a strong family, which we do, then it’s the first dividend.

It’s more than a loss of family continuity, too. Jews are being screwed out of existence. Who uses birth control? Who gets all these abortions? We’re being physically wiped out. Now there’s one less. But even more, we lost our option for personal continuity. I feel dreadful.”

Linda Bird Francke The Ambivalence of Abortion (New York: Penguin Books, 1978) 219 –

The man facing loss of a grandchild to abortion mourns. Abortion touches many lives, even those of the grandparents.

the loss of a grandchild to abortion

14 week preborn baby

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