Lesbian rape victim puts baby up for adoption, has no regrets

MARIA KRASINSKI  describes what happened:

“The man who raped me — a neighbor — knew I was gay.  I had been invited to his house to celebrate New Year’s Eve… He asked if I would spend the night, but I simply replied, “I don’t live THAT far away.”  I  just needed to use the restroom and I’d be off.

Upon exiting the bathroom, I saw my coffee mug, and without looking — thinking nothing of it — I gulped down the last of it.  I woke a few hours later with my naked host standing over me.”

He had raped her. She became pregnant, but because of irregular periods, did not discover her pregnancy until she was 4 months along.

“My landlady — a heterosexual atheist, but my closest friend, never suggested an abortion.  Others did however.  But I was raised in a pro-life home, so abortion was never a consideration for me.

The first phone call I made when I got home was to my dear friend in the pro-life movement, Theresa, who was active in Operation Rescue, but I contacted her in particular because she was the adoption coordinator.  “I need some parents to choose from soon.  I’m four months along, and that doesn’t leave us much time.”  She wanted to be my Lamaze coach, no matter what I decided about parents — we were dear friends from pro-life activism.”

She did tell me about two sets of parents she found, but after pausing she asked me, “Can we have her?”

Maria said yes.

“When my baby girl was born, I had mixed feelings about holding her.  I wanted to, but forming a bond only to break it moments later did not seem wise. I did ask to see her. I had watched them give her some water and they were all amazed at how quickly she sucked down the whole bottle!  They put her in my arms — I ached to nurse her, but did not dare.  Theresa asked for a breast pump and handed it to me, so she got my colostrum.  I kissed her head, and handed her back — a healthy child.  I could have died right then without a single regret….

I wanted to kill HIM, but the child is NOT HIM.  It seems so simple to me, and it IS simple, but Planned Parenthood and their ilk take horrific advantage of a woman’s trauma to sell abortion.  They are NOT the place to go for rape counseling or any kind of help after a rape because an abortionist is hardly an unbiased expert…. I’ve shared my story here because my hope is that others will be encouraged to be courageous in choosing life and sharing their own pro-life stories, and to be sure that rape survivors like me are never used as an excuse to justify any abortions, under any circumstances.”

MARIA KRASINSKI  “When I Was Pregnant After Rape, I Wanted to Kill the Rapist, Not My Baby” LifeNews OCT 6, 2014

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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