Lauren Pullium

Seventeen-year-old Kristen went to Birthright for a pregnancy test. When the result was positive, she cried. Her mother spent the next few days reassuring Kristen that she’d help with caring for the baby, or with an adoption plan, but not with abortion. Kristen became withdrawn, and her mother became concerned. She learned that a friend had encouraged Kristen to go to Planned Parenthood.

After speaking with Planned Parenthood staff, who assured Kristen that she didn’t need her parents’ permission to abort, Kristen decided to schedule the abortion. Her parents pleaded with her. The day of the abortion, Kristen left the house in silence. Kristen’s mother, Pat Pulliam, said, “Our home seemed a tomb.”

Four weeks after the abortion, when Kristen returned to Planned Parenthood for a checkup, she learned that she was still pregnant. The staff recommended that she schedule a second procedure, but Kristen instead rushed home. Her mother called Planned Parenthood, but nobody would speak to her.

Kristen then went to an obstetrician for a checkup. He performed an ultrasound, and told her that the baby was a girl. Kristen and her mother looked at the ultrasound and everything seemed fine to them, but the doctor told them that the baby had abnormalities. He asked Kristen to reconsider abortion, but after having heard the baby’s heartbeat, Kristen refused.

Kristen’s mother took her to a pro-life obstetrician, who told them that the baby was “destined to be born.”

Lauren Pulliam was born one month early, weighing six pounds. She was perfectly healthy. “Our daughter was in labor only twenty minutes,” says Kristen’s mother. “The baby was six pounds and absolutely perfect in every way….Our lives will never be the same.”

Source: Christina Dunigan

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