Late-term abortionist responds to men who beg for their unborn children’s lives

20 weeks – Dr. Raushbaum does abortions at this time and later

An article on late-term abortionist Dr. William Rashbaum described how he dealt with men who came into the clinic and begged their partners not to abort their children. He says that when they came to him:

Husbands or boyfriends have been known to barge into his office and violently insist their baby not be aborted, to which Rashbaum replies with an equally violent, “Fuck you, Charlie, we can abort her.” He won’t talk to them directly because, he explains, “I don’t treat men.”

REBECCA PALEY “Cruel to be kind: In the twilight of his career, a late-term-abortion doctor tells all” The Boston Phoenix  Dec 2003


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