Juli Loesch on Operation Rescue and nonviolence

Juli Loesch, who helped organize sit ins with Operation Rescue, describes the organization’s commitment to nonviolence:

“Operation Rescue has a serious commitment to nonviolence: participants sign a pledge to refrain from engaging in verbal exchanges with abortion–bound women, clinic staffers, hecklers, or police. Operation Rescue people don’t carry picket signs. They are instructed not to shout or chant; the rules call for singing, praying, or maintaining a dignified silence…

Judging from the number of apparent “turnarounds” at the sites and the increasing numbers of women seeking help at pregnancy aid centers, Operation Rescue leaders are reasonably sure that 400 – 500 pregnant women and their children were indeed “rescued” in 1988 because of Operation Rescue efforts.”

Juli Loesch “Operation Rescue” Fidelity August 1988, 17

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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