Judge turns down abortion request- girl later thanks him

Judge Randall J Hekman refused to grant a judicial bypass to a 13-year old girl who wanted an abortion. A judicial bypass allows a minor to petition a judge for permission to have an abortion without informing her parents. It is  a way to get around a parental consent/notification law. Every state with a parental consent/notification law allows minors to get a judicial bypass.

This letter was sent to the judge by the 13 year old he refused to grant a bypass to:

“I am writing to tell you how happy I am that you made the decision you did about me not having an abortion. When I think about it now I feel sort of foolish, of that whole incident… I think if I would of gone ahead with the abortion, I would of felt very disappointed in myself. I just want to thank you for giving me the extra time to think about it. I am really looking towards having my baby… My baby and I thank you very much!”

Randall J Hekman Justice for the Unborn (Ann Arbor, Michigan: Servant Books, 1984) 17 – 18

Sadly, the baby boy died shortly after birth due to health problems. But the 13 year old mother was spared from the trauma and guilt of abortion.

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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