Judge Calls Unborn Baby a “Growth”

An article in The Human Life Review quotes judge Lewis Powell describing a woman’s right to an abortion this way:

 “The abortion patient has a right not only to be rid of the growth, called a fetus…but also has a right to a dead fetus.”

Hadley  Arkes “Slouching Towards Infanticide” The Human Life Review Summer 1998

Calling a fetus, which is an unborn baby, a “growth” shows a remarkable ignorance of biology. An unborn baby is not a growth – here she is a living organism with a heartbeat and circulatory system and DNA that is distinct from the mother. Below is a picture of a sonogram of a “fetus” in the first trimester. Does it look like a growth?

Go here to see a picture of what a “fetus” looks like after an abortion  in the first trimester (at 10 weeks)

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