Jewish Pro-Lifer Ben Stein on Abortion and the Holocaust

One pro-life columnist says:

“… [Pro-choicers] cannot look at their handiwork or the handiwork they defend. Across the country, they shrink from photos of the babies killed in abortions. Through their mighty political groups, the pro-abortionists compel TV stations to refuse advertisements showing partial birth and other abortion artifacts. They will not even allow viewers (or themselves, I suspect) to see what their policies have wrought. They are, at least to my mind, like the Germans who refuse to think about what was happening in Dachau and then vomited when they saw – and never wanted to see again.”

Jewish columnist Ben Stein in the May 1998 issue of American Spectator magazine

Pieces of an aborted baby at just eight weeks after conception. pro-abortion activists don’t want you to see pictures like this.

Gregg Cunningham “Abortion Is a Form of Genocide” in Mary E Williams. Abortion: Opposing Viewpoints (San Diego, California: Greenhaven Press, 2002)


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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

One thought on “Jewish Pro-Lifer Ben Stein on Abortion and the Holocaust”

  1. Yes, I totally agree. Abortion is murder, ten times as many babies have been killed via abortion in this country as many soldiers have died on the battlefield!!!

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