Interview with an abortionist

From Nightline. Reporter Martin Bashir of ABC news interviews Dr. William Harrison, an abortionist.

DOCTOR WILLIAM HARRISON (PHYSICIAN)  My conscience calls me to do abortions because I consider the mother’s life much, much more important than that tiny little blob of tissue.

MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS) (Off-camera) It’s interesting you say it’s a blob of tissue, but as you know after just 21 days, the heart is pumping blood. At 42 days, the child has recordable brain waves. And you are, every day, relentlessly terminating that life, and you’re happy with that?

feet of unborn baby at just seven weeks

feet of unborn baby at just seven weeks

DOCTOR WILLIAM HARRISON (PHYSICIAN) Am I happy with it? No, but I’m not distressed about it. I would be a lot more distressed if I could not terminate that life for the patient that that life is going to be a disaster for.

DOCTOR WILLIAM HARRISON  I’ve had lots of patients who come in for second, third, fourth, fifth, even one who had nine abortions.

MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS) (Off-camera) Is that really appropriate?

DOCTOR WILLIAM HARRISON (PHYSICIAN) If she needs nine abortions, yeah.

18 year old patient

MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS) (Off-camera) Did you see a photograph of the fetus yesterday?


12 weeks

12 weeks

MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS) (Off-camera) What effect did that have?

PATIENT (FEMALE) It made it a little more difficult. I think it made me a little more nervous about it.

MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS) (Off-camera) Did you consider the possibility of perhaps adoption?

PATIENT (FEMALE) I thought about it. But I really thought that that might be even harder going through the whole pregnancy stage and seeing the child and then having to give it away, I just think would really, really tear me up inside.

DOCTOR WILLIAM HARRISON (PHYSICIAN) The most important decision that a woman ever makes is to have a baby. Whether you have an abortion or not is relatively minor. Basically, abortion is a method of birth control. You know, it’s not the best method of birth control. But all it does is stop the birth of a baby that a woman doesn’t want at a time she doesn’t want it.


DOCTOR WILLIAM HARRISON (PHYSICIAN) I’ve had one of the most emotionally satisfying careers that I can imagine anyone having. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is, when two weeks after a young woman has come in distraught and thinking that her life is ruined, and she comes back two – two weeks after the abortion and she is a new woman. She’s been given her life back.

MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS) (Off-camera) And for her to be born again, you’ve had to kill the fetus.


MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS) (Off-camera) And that’s a fair exchange?



9 – 10 weeks

9 – 10 weeks

See what a baby at this age looks like after an abortion.

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