Incest victim forced to abort

A woman named Doris tells her story:

“On the outside I was a normal 15-year-old, enjoying shopping with my friends, listening to music and going to the movies, but inside something was terribly wrong.

At the hospital I learned that in addition to being very sick with the flu, I was pregnant. I felt ashamed and dirty, and terrified about explaining the horrible things that my father had done to me.

The doctor asked me what I planned to do. I told him I wanted to have my baby. Despite the pain of knowing who the father of my baby was, I had seen The Silent Scream in high school and knew I could never harm the baby…

When my father heard that I was pregnant, he flew into a rage, demanding an abortion. The doctor refused because it was against my wishes, but my father was able to find another doctor who didn’t care about how I felt.

It took three nurses to hold and strap me down on the table. They tried to sedate me, but I kept screaming that I didn’t want an abortion. Eventually, I was placed under general anesthetic and my baby was killed.

I was told that my parents knew what was best for me, but I knew their only concern was hiding our family secret. After the abortion, the abuse continued. The evidence was gone and I was left with a broken heart.

It would be two more years before I would escape my abusive father. I wish I could’ve done more to save the life of my daughter. In my mind, it didn’t matter how she was conceived; she was an innocent victim, just as I was.

I know that the abortion wasn’t my fault, but I can’t help feeling the pain of losing my child. I wish I could’ve done more to fight for her life. I will never forget her.”

Letter to Julie Makimaa

Julie Makimaa Kathy Hoffmaster The Hard Cases of Abortion: A Pro-Life Response Family Research Council, 2000, 17 – 18

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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