I Chose Life – Mine

“Myself, I’d as soon weep over my taken tonsils or my absent appendix as snivel over ["My abortions! All five of them."] I had a choice, and I chose life – mine.”

Julie Burchill, British feminist and abortion advocate, from “Abortion: still a dirty word” in The Guardian, 5/25/2005

aborted baby at eight weeks

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One Response to I Chose Life – Mine

  1. Jordan Updegrove says:

    So you admit that by having an abortion your killing somebody. And your so high and mighty that you can just kill 5 people so that you can alphabet sex whenever you want instead of being responsible. You didn’t even look at alternative ways to get around this. For example have you ever heard of the Safe Haven law? It allows for anyone to literally just drop off their baby no questions asked for adoption instead of killing it.

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