Hurt By Abortion, Woman Now Ministering To Those In Similar Situations

“I was 19 years old and had lost my virginity the year before. I always believed abortion was wrong and that it was murder. I told my mother when I was 9 weeks and the whole family joined in on persuading me. My mother told me that if I didn’t have [the abortion] she would kick me out of the house.

It was a nightmare. They strapped my legs down. I got very upset and kept saying I’m killing my baby and the doctor kept trying to calm me. They didn’t want the others to hear me. I lifted my head up and saw the jar and what was left of my 12 week old baby.

I gave my life to the Lord and with His forgiveness I can begin to forgive myself. That is the hardest part — doing something and knowing how wrong it was. It was a heavy burden to carry. I have forgiven myself but at times I still cry tears over my baby.

It made me able to see that the situation a girl is in isn’t just black and white. I now volunteer counsel, trying to use my experience for good.”

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