Preborn baby has hormonal response to pain

In the book Post-Abortion Syndrome: Its Wide Ramifications Peter Doherty writes:

“That the fetus exhibits a stress response to invasive stimuli is shown by a study from Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, London, in which Professor Fisk and his colleagues presented their findings of a hormonal response in the fetal plasma following intrauterine needling…

[I]t is highly suggestive in that a similar hormonal response is mounted by older children and adults to stimuli which they find painful.”

Peter Doherty “Introduction” Peter Doherty, ed. Post-Abortion Syndrome: Its Wide Ramifications (Dublin, Ireland: Four CourtsPress, 1995) 11

Doherty cites the following study:

Giannakoulopoulos, et al., “Fetal Plasma Cortisol and Endorphin Response to Antruteine Needling” Lancet, vol. 344, July 9, 1994

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