Having a baby equals act of violence, says abortionist

Dr. Maureen Paul explains why she is an abortionist. She became pregnant accidentally when she was younger, before it was legal on demand, when women had to get permission from a hospital committee.

“I confided in a family friend and asked to borrow the $300. But he told my parents, who immediately pulled me out of school. They took me to a local hospital, where I went before a committee that had to decide whether there was a valid medical reason to give me an abortion. When my request was turned down, I had no other option but to carry the baby to term and put [it] up for adoption. It was the most painful experience of my life. Though I wanted to have children one day-and years later had a daughter as the result of an intended pregnancy–I bitterly resented being forced to have a baby against my will. I consider that an act of violence against women.”

Deborah Diclementi‘ I RISK MY LIFE TO PERFORM ABORTIONS’.,  Marie Claire, Nov 2001, Vol. 8, Issue 11

If having a baby when one does not want to is an act of violence, one can only wonder what this is:

Abortion at 9 weeks
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Author: TA Smith

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