Former Planned Parenthood worker: Abortion calls took priority

In an article in The American Feminist, former Planned Parenthood worker Rhyan explained how Planned Parenthood prioritized calls from women seeking abortions.

From the article:

The sales began with the automated answering system that picked up all calls first. The pleasant, recorded voice invited callers to press one number if they wanted birth control, another for a well woman exam, and another for abortion. All abortion calls were automatically jumped to the front of the calling queue.

Rhyan added that “If you were calling for birth control, you could wait 20 minutes to get a phone operator.” “Closing the sale” on abortions was also supported by Planned Parenthood’s policy of requiring callers to set an appointment prior to discussing costs.

Ellen J Reich “An Insider’s Look into the Abortion Industry”  The American Feminist Fall/Winter 2016

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