Former Clinic Worker: Tina

I’m not sure whether this “Tina” is Tina Davis or a different former clinic worker. She gave her testimony at “Silent No More”

20 weeks. The clinic Tina worked in did abortions at this time

When I was sixteen, I took a job cleaning (we were called environmental control) at an
abortion clinic where abortions were performed up to five months. It bothered me, but my mother was raising my brother and I alone on a McDonald’s salary and we desperately needed the money. I wanted to escape poverty and go to school. On a good day I cleaned offices, on a bad I cleaned equipment, procedure rooms and tried to not look at the biohazard bags. I had to make myself as hard as a rock to be able to not break apart. I could not handle what I was left with at night; I developed anorexia and started to drink. I had grown up very prolife and thought I was a hypocrite. I was finally hospitalized and a girl praying a rosary outside of the sister clinic, struck up a friendship. She became a sister and I joined the Catholic Church. I know every argument in the book defending abortion and I am ashamed when I feel defensive or harsh when this subject is brought up. This is a defense because it’s too painful to look at what’s inside me and what I am capable of, if I am desperate enough. I am sorry for profiting from this.

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Author: TA Smith

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