Former Clinic Worker: Sue Thayer

Sue Thayer, former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic, who later became pro-life:

“Every employee, who was in management in the health services part of Planned Parenthood, was required to observe a full day of abortions. The baby is extracted and put into a small little clear dish, and they look at that under a light to try to determine if they have all of the body parts, because—of course—during the abortion the baby is ripped apart and so there are little tiny arms and little legs.”

Peter Baklin “Planned Parenthood manager gets fired, then leads 40 Days campaign at former facility” Nov. 17, 2011

More from Thayer:

Q: How central is abortion to Planned Parenthood’s mission and bottom line?

Thayer: When I started at Planned Parenthood in 1991, my small family planning clinic had little to do with abortion, other than an occasional referral. By the time I left in 2008, every clinic in the agency was mandated to provide webcam and/or surgical abortions.

Every center had a goal for every service provided there, including abortion. As a manager, if your clinic did not meet goal, you better have a reason why. Webcam abortions are billed the same as early surgical abortions, so they are huge money- makers for the abortion giant.

Every affiliate places huge emphasis on abortion. The staff is groomed, brainwashed actually, to fully believe that working in the abortion industry is an honorable task. They have “pastors” who write letters to the staff to make them feel good about their own part in abortion.

When you are in it, it is very subtle. But like a cult, once you are out, it is much easier to see the deception.

Carrie GressPlanned Parenthood, serious about profit, not women’s healthThe Catholic World Report August 23, 2012

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