Former clinic worker: Money Is the Governing Force behind the Abortion Industry

From Carol Everett, former abortion clinic owner and worker

“I have seen doctors walk out after three hours work and split $4,500 between them on a Saturday morning. More, if you go longer into the day, of course. The doctor walks in, sees the patient for the first time, pats her on the leg, says, Hi, baby, how are you? You call them ‘baby’ so you don’t have to remember their name….And he doesn’t really ask her any questions. It’s just get the abortion done. If he discovers that she may be further along than anyone thought she was, they stop right there, collect the money, and then finish the procedure…If abortion is such a good thing, why don’t they go ahead and do the abortion then, and trust you to pay the $200 later? That’s not the way it is.”


In another interview, Everett said:

Q.: what is the governing force behind the abortion industry?

A.: money. Is a very lucrative business. It is the largest unregulated industry and our nation. Most of the clinics are running chains because it’s so profitable.

Q.: how much money were you making the abortion industry before you quit?

A.: I was getting a commission of $25 on every abortion I “sold”. In 1983, the year I got out, I would’ve pocketed approximately $250,000. But, in 1984 we expected to be operating five clinics, terminating about 40,000 pregnancies, and with that projection I plan to net 1 million. Money, money, money — that’s where my heart was.

“What I Saw in the Abortion Industry” Human Life Alliance Advertising Supplement

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