Former Clinic Worker: Judy

A woman who worked for an OBGYN who performed abortions told the following to author Cheryl Chew:

“During this time my duties involved preparing the patients for the procedure. I was instructed to counsel with them if they had any questions. If they were having an abortion, I was to reassure them about their decision by telling them that it was all right and that “they were just getting rid of a blob of tissue.”

eight-week-old unborn baby

My final duties were to clean up after the surgery. It would pain my heart and torment my soul when I would have to clean up after an abortion. There, at the end of the stirrup table, was a bin where the doctor would toss the small, crushed body parts of the fetus after he dislodged it from the mother’s womb. I could see the bloody, tiny crushed bodies with their small arms, tiny fingers, and legs that sometimes got torn away from their bodies.

Seeing this procedure done several times a day, one can become immune and numbed to the death of the fetus. In order to survive, I had to accept this aspect as just part of my job, not wanting to fully realize the consequences of what I was doing. I would go home at night and have nightmares, because I was the one who had to dispose of the little mangled and crushed bodies and place them in the incinerator.

Since these procedures were done under the veil of secrecy, there was no other way to dispose of the body parts but to burn them at the end of the day. I had to watch the doctor as he would insert the forceps into the cervix to puncture the uterus and then crush the fetus in his efforts to dislodge it from the womb. I felt so guilty when I had to collect the baby’s body parts and then burn them.”

Judy said that the doctor she worked for was a heavy drinker. He eventually died in an alcohol related car accident. It could be surmised that he was often drunk when he performed abortion procedures.

Cheryl Chew Make Me Your Choice: Compelling Personal Stories of Struggle and Healing for Those Who Have Had or Dealt with Abortion (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers Inc., 2006) 93 – 94


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