Former Clinic Worker: Anonymous 2

In an article in The Boston Globe, the author tells the story of a former abortion clinic nurse.

12 week unborn baby

She is now employed as a school nurse. She is mother of three.A woman of memory, conscience and deep regret that, combined with an eyewitness’s logic, cause her to wonder what wounds a culture suffers when it allows abortion to be obtained as easily as a flu shot. “I worked in the autoclave room. That is where they sterilize the trays and the instruments after the procedure,” she recalled the other day.

“When the doctors finished, they would bring in a small metal tray. There would be a plastic container as well as the instruments used to perform the abortion on the tray. “The instruments are called dilators. They are long metal sticks that are wider toward the end. Obviously, they are used to dilate the women.

“My job was to sterilize the instruments.

hands at 20 weeks

Then I would take the plastic container, which was filled with formaldehyde along with what they refer to as ‘the product of conception,’ and label it before sending it out to some lab. “After each abortion, the doctor would bring the tray to me, wrapped in sterilization paper, to be washed and labeled. I would clean the trays and utensils for the next procedure.

“We were not supposed to perform abortions past 12 weeks. But it would, and did, happen that some women were aborted at 16 to 20 weeks. “When that would happen, I would find that the tray contained blood, tissue and bone. That happened quite a lot and anyone who says it doesn’t is lying.

16 weeks

“What would you do?” she was asked. “With the tissue, bone and blood?” she wanted to know. “Right,” she was told.

She responded with a sigh

“I’d dump it in the sink, Just like it was a disposal.”

“The first time I saw it, I said, ‘Oh my God!’ And then I washed it away down the sink.

“Tissue, bone and blood,” she repeated. “That’s not life?”

Boston Globe: A nurse wonders; 3-11-1997

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