Former abortionist: trimester framework is no longer relevent

The Surpreme Court in Roe v. Wade made major differences in abortion law based on what trimester the baby was in and when the child was “viable.” Former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson explains how the trimester framework is no longer scientifically relevant.

“…with the advent of realtime ultrasound in 1976, obstetricians abandoned the trimester concept as a crude and unscientific [and] antique and began to describe pregnancy in the more precise language of weeks… Viability is a pathetically unreliable criterion for protection of a human being under the law; there are so many variables and it is so poorly defined that it is all but useless.

Bernard Nathanson,  M.D., Bernadell Technical Bulletin, Vol. No. 1, October 1989, page 1-3, Bernadell Inc., New York

Unborn baby's legs at 12 weeks, end of first trimester

Unborn baby’s legs at 12 weeks, end of first trimester

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