Former Abortionist Speculates on Why Abortionists Get Away with Injuring Women

Former abortionist Dr. Beverly McMillan said the following in a speech at a Pro-Life Action League Convention:

“So for a number of months I just medical directed. I kept track of our complications; we had monthly meetings where we went over morbidity; we fortunately did not go through mortality. I had one of the worst complications at the clinic. I perforated a uterus and sucked a piece of small bowel right into the tubing. Something very interesting came out of this. We had the young lady taken over the hospital where the residents took care of her and a surgeon spliced her bowel back together, and I went over to see her about two days later before she left the hospital to just say hello and are you doing okay, and to tell her I was sorry this had happened. She didn’t want to talk to me. She wasn’t angry at me. She didn’t want to think about the abortion, thank you. She was ready to get out. Denial. Absolute denial just right there. That’s why abortionists don’t get sued. These folks don’t want to think about it for at least two years and then the Statute of Limitations is up. That is (denial) the reason that many women don’t sue from complications from abortion.”

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