Former abortionist says unborn babies feel pain

Former abortionist Dr. Robert Siudmack.:

The baby has a brain. It has a nervous system. It has nerve endings. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put the dots together that obviously the baby has the capacity to feel sensation and pain. In fact, when we do ultrasounds on many of these babies, when we want to try to get it to move, we’ll jostle the woman’s abdomen and the baby does feel the sensations of movement and encouragement to move, and it, in fact, responds to that. Studies have also shown that the baby responds to music, it responds to sound. This is all a function of the baby’s nervous system. So yes, the baby does feel, and can feel pain.

Coral Springs Ministries  videos “The Truth about Abortion.” uploaded on January 15, 2009

Quoted in Sarah Terzo “Former abortionist: Life begins at conception, preborn feel pain” Live Action News Nov 13, 2015

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