Former abortionist describes dismembering unborn babies

18 week old Candidate for this type of abortion

18 week old Candidate for this type of abortion

From a former abortionist, as told to Paul B Fowler:

“Instead of a loop shaped knife [as is used in a D&C], a grasping forceps (similar to pliers with teeth) is inserted into the womb, to grasp part of the fetus. Because the developing baby already has calcified bones, the parts must be twisted and torn away. This process is repeated until the body is totally dismembered and removed. Sometimes the head is too large and must be crushed in order to remove it. Bleeding is profuse.”

Paul B Fowler Abortion: Toward an Evangelical Consensus (Portland, Oregon: Multnomah Press, 1987) 192

He is describing abortions done by D & E in the 2nd trimester.



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One Response to Former abortionist describes dismembering unborn babies

  1. Boyd Thomas says:

    This abortionist describes the barbaric actions used in dismembering unborn babies and these actions are allowed by the law to torture unborn babies that doctors state can feel this pain by age in their mother. Why do people state it’s a felony to hurt or rip apart animals, that criminals must die without pain, but don’t care how much pain unborn children go through?

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