Former abortion clinic worker explains why she and others worked in the abortion clinic

A former abortion clinic worker, who has no ties to the pro-life movement, wrote a book about her experiences. She talks about why she and other women worked at the abortion clinic:

“… I guess you can say that we were all in a desperate situation and got the job and ended up getting too comfortable with the job and stayed on. For one, the job did offer benefits and provided food for your lunch, meaning that you didn’t have to leave for lunch unless you wanted to, so that saved many of us gas money cause, for one, we wouldn’t have to drive anywhere to get lunch. And with that is going to work knowing that you don’t have to worry about lunch money or taking a lunch or even spending more money for gas to go and get your lunch. And on top of that, we even got scrub allowance, which was $100 every year on the day of your evaluation, and got a free business membership with Wholesale, and given good raises. Now you tell me what job does all that for their employees.”

Tonya P From behind Closed Doors: “Abortions” (Xlibris, 2013) 17

In contrast to the beliefs of many pro-lifers, this worker was not there because she was dedicated to abortion. Rather, she was just trying to make a living, and she characterizes the other workers the same way. Although there is a lot of money in abortion for the doctors and the clinic owners, clinic workers can be poor and desperate to have and keep any job. This is why ministries such as And Then There Were None, which helps clinic workers to quit their jobs and even supports them financially until they find a new job, have such a potential for success. Of course, many clinic workers are dedicated to abortion rights. But this quote gives an example of one who simply fell into the job because she needed the money.

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Author: TA Smith

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