Pro-choice teen has false ideas about preborn baby

In an interview, a teenager named Greg explains why he thinks abortion is OK:

A: If you kill it before it’s born and early, I don’t think they should do it like just before it’s born and it’s starting to get its brains and it’s all perfect like a little baby, but if it’s just getting formed and it’s not totally a baby yet, maybe.…

Q: When do you think it becomes an equal human life?

A: When it starts getting formed – at about six months. When it’s not formed, it’s just a little spermy thing.”

Judith G. Smetana Concepts of Self and Morality: Women’s Reasoning about Abortion (New York: Praeger Special Studies, 1982) 128

In reality, an unborn baby is formed by the time he or she is seven weeks old – long before 6 months:

7 weeks

7 weeks

The baby has a brain giving off waves at only 6 weeks. 

9 weeks

9 weeks

14 weeks

14 weeks

Greg’s opinion is based on misconceptions about preborn babies and their development.

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